Ukash has become paysafecard!

The acquisition of Ukash marks a key step toward paysafecard’s major objective of being a global leader in digital prepaid payment methods with a permanently strengthened presence, especially in English-speaking markets such as the UK and New Zealand.

Ukash sales have already been phased out since the end of August 2015, given that the established paysafecard payment methods provide the features familiar to Ukash users. Previously purchased Ukash vouchers may still be redeemed until 31 October 2015.

One result of the acquisition that is very positive for all parties is a significant boost in the availability of paysafecardFor example, around 5000 sales outlets in the UK, 1400 in New Zealand and 380 in Uruguay were added in one fell swoop. This makes secure online payments even easier and the paysafecard distribution network even stronger. The added advantages for former Ukash customers are clear. These advantages include access to the online payment account my paysafecard, access to the free paysafecard app, 24/7 customer service in several languages and the my PLUS loyalty programme which is unique in the industry.

To spread the word about this to as many users as possible, especially on the UK market, paysafecard came up with something special, incorporating both digital and analogue aspects: 30 public double-decker buses are now driving through the London districts of Hackney and Bow with paysafecard brand advertisements. The strategic angle of the campaign is to pointedly make the advantages of paysafecard tangible to those who see it and to the current/potential customers among them. The design features characters from the digital entertainment industry which invoke corresponding associations at first glance and this recognition immediately raises sympathy and catches attention. Depending on their own interests and patterns of use, practically everyone identifies with at least one of these characters – From the dancing queen, poker shark and movie addict to the shopaholic, dating expert, sports betting fan and king of clan. In terms of content, the spotlight is on the key aspects of security and data protection in online cash payments with paysafecard.

In addition to this prominent presence in public, a smart banner campaign is running in perfectly coordinated online portals with broad user bases. All of paysafecard’s four target groups – gamers, gamblers, sports betters and general online shoppers – are equally addressed. Entirely new customer groups are tapped with a promotional offer for first-time paysafecard users where they get a GBP 5 bonus when purchasing a GBP 10 PIN balance in August and September. The campaign also makes use of additional channels and tools such as YouTube (with its own spot), Facebook ads and search engine marketing for corresponding search terms from the digital world.

A concurrent POS campaign is serving to reinforce the main campaign in collaboration with its distribution partner Coop. In September, paysafecard is being represented with eye-catching POS materials – from shelf stoppers and checkout advertising to announcements on the in-store radio – in 2800 Coop supermarkets throughout the UK.
 paysafecard sees the substantial cost of this campaign primarily as an investment in gaining the confidence of previous Ukash users – and of course also as a strong signal to users that have not gotten around to using a digital prepaid payment method yet. Every change is a great opportunity for all parties, and that is why paysafecard is also seeking to make the transition from Ukash to paysafecard a big step forward for all distribution partners, merchants and end users. paysafecard is certain that this is nothing less than a new dimension in digital payments.