Worldwide: the paysafecard distribution network continues to grow!

Recently, the global paysafecard distribution network passed a significant milestone by reaching 500,000 physical sales outlets. “Cash for the internet” is now easily and conveniently available at petrol stations, shops, newsagents and many more locations from South and North America to Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

And the growth continues:

  • The expansion into Kuwait alone adds more than 1000 new sales outlets, primarily in the form of independent stores brought in by our local distribution partner networks E-Net Automated Services Network and Al-Aaly Communications.
  • In Lithuania, where paysafecard has been available since the start of 2014, 227 new sales outlets part of the brands Lietuvos Spauda and Narvesen are now active.
  • In Germany, which is one of the most important markets for paysafecard, the addition of the highly present Mediamarkt outlets adds another 260 points of sale.
  • And in Australia, our new partner WH Smith brings with it almost 30 sales outlets.

The upcoming addition of new markets and increasing network density in already active countries are both already in preparation for the next milestone for POS density. However, quality in sales and service are also important. For this reason, paysafecard provides comprehensive information and training material for POS staff, while also promoting its services in the media in many countries. All this contributes to ensuring that paysafecard is understood and happily bought and used. In addition to profiting distribution partners, this primarily benefits merchants and online services providers who accept paysafecard as a payment method. And it is precisely this that is the declared goal!