Online cash for 1 billion customers

If you would like to significantly increase your turnover in the world's biggest market, you need the world's simplest online payment solution.

paysafecard allows people who value their privacy and security or who do not want to share their personal details or credit card information to pay online. Paying in an online shop requires entering only the 16-digit paysafecard PIN - quick and safe!

How paysafecard profits you:

  1. Incremental revenue

    Incremental revenue

    Generate incremental revenue with new customer segments currently inaccessible to you with other payment methods.

  2. No chargebacks No chargebacks

    A prepaid payment solution means that customer transactions are completed in real time.

  3. Easy activation

    Easy activation

    All countries and currencies are activated via a single API.

What our partners have to say about us:

"We've worked with paysafecard since 2007 and in that whole time it has been an absolutely reliable partner. paysafecard is a huge market player in the online prepaid solutions market and it has significantly increased our turnover."

Andreas Schulze, Head of Payment, Gameforge, SCS

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