Do you have questions about paysafecard?

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How do I switch to the production environment?

Once the integration test has been successfully completed, the following tasks must be carried out for the switch-over to the paysafecard production system:

  • Your IP addresses must be whitelisted for use on the paysafecard system.
  • Implement the REST API key for the paysafecard production system in your system.
  • The endpoint URLs provided by paysafecard must be added to your production system.
  • The redirection URL to the paysafecard payment panel URL must be carried over to your production system.

Once the above adjustments to your production system have been made, our team will carry out the final acceptance test. After this, paysafecard can be authorised for use as a payment method for your online shop and will be available to your customers to use as such.