Do you have questions about paysafecard?

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What is the procedure for the technical integration process of paysafecard?

During the technical integration of paysafecard as a payment method you are guided by our MSC through the following steps:

  • Choose your integration type
    Choose if you are going to integrate paysafecard directly or indirectly through a plugin or a payment gateway.
  • API key/MRT access details for the test system
    paysafecard provides you with the REST API keys for testing our REST API and Merchant Reporting Tool (MRT, only available for test system to check the status of your transactions). If you are integrating with a plugin or with a Payment Gateway this step will be skipped.
  • Integration test
    A series of test cases are supplied in our MSC. These must be completed in the specified order in real time and checked against our system. If you are integrating with a plugin or with a Payment Gateway this step will be skipped. If you also implement one of our services, "Payout" or "Refund", once the integration test has been successfully completed, this feature is tested by our staff.
  • IP whitelisting for the production system
    After successfully completing the integration test, we request your IP addresses for the production system, which must be authorized in our internal system.
  • API key for the production system
    Once IP whitelisting has been completed, paysafecard will provide you with access details for the paysafecard production system. We then ask you to integrate paysafecard into your production system by entering the REST access details in your system.
  • Acceptance test
    Once this step is completed by you, our staff will carry out a final test transaction and check that the paysafecard logos and copy text are up to date and meet our quality requirements.
  • Go Live
    Once the acceptance test has been successfully completed by our staff, paysafecard will be authorized for use as a payment method for your online shop and you can start processing payments with paysafecard.