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Which are the most frequent error codes?

The most frequent error codes are:

  • 2001 | Transaction already exists
    Make sure that the correlationId is a unique value per transaction.
  • 3014 | Reporting criteria unavailable
    Make sure that you are using a subId previously agreed with paysafecard.
  • 3034 | Reporting criteria is inactive
    Make sure that you are using a subId previously agreed with paysafecard.
  • 3001 | MID is inactive 
    If the onboarding process is not finished yet, this is completely normal as your account remains inactive until the last integration tests are successful. If your account is live contact our technical support.
  • 2029 | Amount must be greater than 0 
    Make sure that the transaction amount is greater than 0.
  • 4003 | The amount exceeds the maximum permitted amount 
    Make sure that the amount of the transaction is not exceeding the maximum permitted (EUR 1000 or equivalent in other currency).
  • 3002 , 10014 | Currency invalid 
    The currency you are using is not activated for your account. Please contact your account manager.
  • 2017 | Transaction in a wrong status for this action 
    Check the status of the transaction with retrieve Payment details and perform an action according to its result (please see the payment workflow).
  • 3007 | Debit attempt after expiry of time window 
    The transaction was not closed within the disposition time window (between 1 and 10 minutes, defined by our Terms & Conditions) so it expired. The amount is returned to the customer’s paysafecard voucher or account.
  • 2002 | Transaction doesn't exist 
    Make sure that the paymentId is a correct one.
  • 10008 | Authentication failed 
    Make sure that you are using the correct API Key and endpoint. You can generate new API Keys in the MSC.
  • 10007 | General technical error 
    Contact paysafecard immediately via if the account is not live. For live accounts, should be contacted.
  • Technical error in payment panel
    Make sure that the redirection link to the payment panel you are using is correct and that the transaction has not expired.
  • 3162 | my paysafecard account not found by provided credentials 
    Make sure the e-mail address entered in the payout request corresponds to the e-mail address registered in the my paysafecard account.
  • 3195 | Customer account details do not match
    Make sure that the name, family name and date of birth entered in the payout request match with the ones in the my paysafecard account.