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Which Payment Service Providers does paysafecard work with?

paysafecard with the following, and other, payment service providers (PSPs):

24-pay s.r.o.

abilipay GmbH

Acapture B.V.

Adyen B.V.

Allied Wallet Ltd

Apco Limited

Buckaroo B.V.

C.V. Smart2Pay Global Services U.A.

Cardinal Commerce

Cashrun GmbH

Center of Internet Payments CJSC

Centrobill Limited

CommDoo GmbH

Compay GmbH


CURO Payments B.V.

CYBERservices S.A.

DataCash Services Ltd

Deutsche Telekom

DialCom24 Sp. z o.o.


Digital River

Digitalpayment GmbH

Docdata Payments B.V.

DPA Multimedia EURL

Easy Payment Gateway Ltd

Eelygra Solutions SRL

eMerchantPay Limited

Emergent Payments Inc.

EOS Payment Solutions GmbH & Co. KG

e-porting UG

EveryMatrix Limited

Fatfoogoo GmbH

F-Services LLC

Global Collect Services B.V.

GOPAY s.r.o.

GTS Online Ltd

HIPAY SAS (hi media)

Icepay B.V.

Iforium Limited

Iruvey Corporation S.A.

Ixopay LLC

Kalixa Accept Limited

Emergent Payments Inc.

Maxx-XS BV

Metatheke - Software Ld.ª

Mistral Pay Ltd

Mollie B.V.

Monext SAS

mPAY24 GmbH

mvneco GmbH

Ogone SA

Omoney China Technology Co. Limited



Paybox Services SAS

PayCific International AG

PayGol SPA

PayLife Service GmbH

Payletter Inc

Paymentez de Argentina SRL

Paymentwall Inc.

Payssion Limited

Playspan Inc.

PPRO Financial Ltd

PT Processing Advisory Ltd

Qantani BV

Rentabiliweb Europe SAS

Safecharge Limited

Schlund und Partner

SIA AirPay

SIA eComCharge Ltd.

Skrill Ltd

spirit labs GmbH

Syspay Limited

Tamnet Services Inc.

TargetMedia B.V.

TinTel B.V.

Viveum Zahlungssysteme GmbH

Webbilling AG

Wirecard Central Eastern Europe GmbH

WorldPay AP Ltd

Worldpay Sweden AB

Xsolla (USA)