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Why should we add Openbucks when we already offer paysafecard?

Whereas both are cash-based payment methods to pay online, CVS/pharmacy and Dollar General gift cards add additional value to your payment mix:

  • Top Brand Value: You benefit from well-known and trusted retail brands with locations just a few miles away in every State, e.g. 75 % of US residents live within 5 miles of a Dollar General store.
  • Extended Target Audience: You get access to an even bigger group of cash-preferred consumers, i.e. 60% of Dollar General’s 100 million unique annual customers are cash payers.
  • Incremental Revenues: Existing merchant data shows that accepting gift cards increases sales by 2 – 5 %, depending on checkout presentment and the merchant’s demographics.
  • Great Accessibility: The retailer’s shop locations are well known and just around the corner, i.e. 75% of Americans are just 5 miles away of a Dollar General Store (Source: Dollar General Quick Facts).
  • No Consumer Fees, Great Flexibility: 0% fees are charged for CVS/pharmacy and Dollar General gift cards at the POS. Consumers can load up to $ 2,000 per day with no expiration of funds, flexible spending in stores and online.
  • No Chargebacks: It is prepaid and guaranteed by the retailer.