What is e-money?

Many of us frequently use e-money. If you are – for example – using paysafecard, you are using e-money. However, the term “e-money” or “electronic money” itself is not widely used. It seems as if many of us are still unsure what “e-money” actually stands for. That’s why we thought it might be helpful to have a closer look at e-money.

As the term “electronic money” already implies, e-money...

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paysafecard now also available in Canada

We are delighted to announce that our product paysafecard is now also available in Canada. With about 27 million Internet users and a user rate of more than 80%, Canada is one of the top 20 “Internet Nations”. Therefore, entering the Canadian market is a logical step for us as part of our international expansion.

With the launch in Canada, we continue the development of non-European...

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