A review of 2012: 50 million PINs sold, 100 payments a minute, 22% growth.

We are well into 2013 already, but it's worth taking another look back at 2012 as it was such a successful year.

55 million transactions took place using paysafecard, representing a rise of about 22% and equalling well over 100 paysafecard payments a minute. Around 50 million PINs were sold worldwide. 5 new markets were developed: Canada, Turkey, Croatia, Hungary and Malta. These countries have a total population of 125 million, of whom 70 million use the internet. Furthermore, paysafecard was honoured with two prestigious awards which are recognised throughout the industry and beyond, receiving both the Paybefore Award for Best Digital Currency the PaybeforeAward Europe for Most Innovative Prepaid Solution.

This year, paysafecard.com Wertkarten AG is planning to venture into more new markets. At this very moment, YUNA – a prepaid card in collaboration with Mastercard – is being launched in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland. The positive trend of previous years is set to continue. As a secure and convenient payment solution for the internet, paysafecard is being seen increasingly as an alternative to credit cards and other online payment methods and being used more and more.

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