Austria’s Leading Companies - paysafecard named Big Player in Vienna

The Austrian Leading Companies award is one of the most important awards in the Austrian business world and home of paysafecard. Our success story began here more than 15 years ago with a simple and pioneering idea: providing “cash for the internet”. Today, paysafecard is the European market leader and present in over 500,000 sales outlets in 41 countries worldwide. Such success in the global market is a wonderful thing, particularly when it is also recognised at home. So it was a very special pleasure to be named as the winner of the Big Player category during the gala event on 23 November.

The prize is right.

The Austria’s Leading Companies (ALC) business prize was awarded by financial newspaper WirtschaftsBlatt, PwC Austria and KSV1870 for the seventeenth time in the prize’s history to the top businesses of the country. The core criteria of the independent jury includes a business’s commitment to Austria, sustainable growth and a robust financial foundation. paysafecard scored on all points to beat the high-quality competition, which competes for the coveted prize each year. The fact that paysafecard, as a digital company, was named as Big Player also demonstrates the future sustainability of the country and its domestic payments industry.

paysafecard would like to thank everyone who has accompanied us on this journey. We will be ready to once again take up the challenge of Austria’s Leading Companies in 2016.

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