Data privacy

2013 is the year of data privacy. The beginning of the year has already seen Europe’s Data Privacy Day (28/1/2013) and Safer Internet Day (5/2/2013) - with both initiatives aiming to draw attention to the issue of data privacy and promoting responsible and safe use of online technologies and mobile phones.

This is particularly the case for children and young adults. According to a study in 2012, with 91% of young people regularly using mobile phones and the internet, both media activities are among those most frequently engaged in by juveniles. However, more than half of children at pre-school age have also used the internet. Amazingly, 41% of 3 - 6 year-old children already regularly use the internet. In addition to these findings comes the first worldwide study of internet usage by children, which was commissioned by the saferinternet.at initiative. According to a survey commissioned by BITKOM, Big Data (the huge amounts of data created by users' online activities) is also one of the prevailing trends in ICT for 2013.

Data privacy is the idea that every internet user has control over his or her personal information. The goal is to protect individuals against the abuse of personally identifiable details – because the amount of online data is increasing at a rapid pace. At the same time, more than half those who use the internet believe that their personal information is not generally safe online. Already 11% of young internet users have already been ripped off at least once online in this way.

As well as being mindful of viruses and of having their personal information spied on, internet users feel particularly threatened by fraud through online shopping and online banking. Data theft or malware can end up being expensive. Against this background, and as a prepaid payment method provider, paysafecard stands for secure online payments. Because in contrast to other online payment methods, paying with paysafecard does not involve sharing any personal details. Further information on how to protect your money from criminals and malware can be found on the paysafecard security page. 10 useful tips on protecting your privacy online can be found here.

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