Donate online quickly and safely: Support the RED NOSES Clowndoctors with paysafecard

RED NOSES does wonderful work in hospitals — and supporting this is important to us. Anyone who wants to help Clowndoctors Austria or International deliver even more smiles and joy to people in hospital can now also do so easily with paysafecard. Because since the start of December we have been the first prepaid payment option provider at www.rotenasen.at and www.rotenaseninternational.com.

How it works:

Anyone not wishing to pay with their credit card can now use paysafecard. Simply click DONATE on either of the two websites named above and select paysafecard as the payment option. In this way, the amounts listed, or any other amount of the donor’s choosing, can be donated simply and safely. Using online payments account my paysafecard even allows our customers to use their remaining balance for a good cause.

Double is better

Working responsibly within society is firmly anchored in our company philosophy — which is why since the beginning of this cooperation, everyone wishing to support the Clowndoctors has been able to donate to them safely with twice the impact until the end of January. Because until 31 January 2016, paysafecard is matching every euro donated!

Join us in supporting the Clowndoctors in their work to lend strength to the sick and suffering through the power of laughter. Let us laugh together and give others the gift of the joy!

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