Eastward: paysafecard launches in Georgia

Our aspiration as a global market leader is to provide a safe, alternative for online payments, including for people in those countries not centre stage of the digital society. After successfully launching in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia at the close of 2015, we now move eastward in 2016. Next stop: Georgia.

What you should know about Georgia ...

The country may lie in Western Asia, but it is seen by its people as part of the Balkans of Europe. Georgia has one of the strongest economies in the region; in 2014, the World Bank nominated the country as “the number one economic reformer in the world”. In addition to this, Georgia (in contrast to its neighbouring countries) has very user-friendly legislation with regard to digital entertainment, such as online games, and many of its 3.7 million inhabitants like to draw on such products. paysafecard offers a safe and free payment method for this. The PINs are denominated in the local currency and available in the amounts of 10, 20, 30, 50 and 70 Georgian lari. One lari is roughly equivalent to 0.36 EUR.

Strong presence — from the outset

With more than 2,500 Bank of Georgia Express Bank terminals, we provide an effective national distribution network from the start. This is particularly important to the high proportion of the local population which is unbanked. At the same time, mobile phone penetration in Georgia is 109%, which will additionally spur the use of paysafecard as a mobile payment method.

All in all, the ideal conditions for an optimal launch!

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