Experience the complete world of online gaming with paysafecard!

This is the slogan with which paysafecard is kicking off its huge gaming campaign which includes a competition and a whole range of bonus promotions. But remember: Team spirit is needed. This campaign isn't for lone wolves. It's all about the team. Only the strongest guild has the chance of winning the main prize. Guild?! That's the general term for the coming together of like-minded players.

"Join your guild and help lead it to victory”

Everyone who enters can choose a guild during registration: The Superheroes Guild, The Farmers Guild, the Elves Guild or the Warriors Guild. Players then complete different tasks to collect coins and help lead their guild to victory. The guild whose members collect the most points by the closing date of the competition gets the chance to win the main prize.

Prizes worth a grand total of €10,000 are up for grabs!

The main prize - a VIP trip to gamescom 2013 for four people - will be raffled among all the members of the winning guild. Plus, everyone who takes part has the chance to win 5 Wii U consoles as well as 1000 x € 5 paysafecard PINs.

The campaign runs until 26 May 2013. Ongoing bonus promotions will also run alongside the main competition. The campaign will also be accompanied by additional activities on Facebook and Google+, as well as a range of joint-promotions with merchants.

Further information on the campaign and competition are available here.

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