Hey big Christmas spenders:

Brits spend up to twice as much on presents as other Europeans

Consumers in Great Britain will purchase the majority of their Christmas presents online this year, according to a new survey conducted on behalf of payment provider paysafecard. The survey also reveals British consumers are planning to spend £388 each on average on presents over the festive season - significantly more than their counterparts in other European countries, including Switzerland. Some age groups are willing to spend more than £500 to treat loved ones. Among the most popular items when shopping online are CDs and DVDs, books and ebooks, toys and games or food and sweets.

The survey reveals:

  • British consumers will buy the majority of their Christmas presents online this year (52%) 
  • Consumers aged 30-39 are particularly likely to make most of their festive purchases online (57.4%)
  • Despite current economic uncertainty, British consumers are planning to spend more money on Christmas presents those in other European countries such as Germany and Switzerland, one of the richest nations in the world
  • 30-39 year olds are the biggest spenders, with £505 going on presents on average. The same age group usually spends £214 on their entire online shopping bill each month, including groceries, games, betting and other online spending, while the average value across all age groups is £169.
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