paysafecard backs CO2 offsetting

One of the key principles of our company is to work responsibly with our employees, our business partners and, of course, our customers. It is our aim to establish and maintain positive business relationships, and so ensure that we are delivering the best service possible. As an international company and European market leaders in the field of prepaid online payment solutions, fostering good relationships locally inevitably involves a certain amount of travel - the payment solution is available at over 450,000 sales outlets in 33 countries.

In order to help offset the CO2 emissions caused by air travel, paysafecard supports a foundation called myclimate. myclimate is a not-for-profit organisation, and one of the world's leading providers of voluntary offsets, with an all-round package of climate protection services.

The aim of myclimate is to offset unavoidable emissions with climate protection measures implemented elsewhere, thus helping to reduce the global emission of greenhouse gases overall.

In other words, emissions which enter the air in one particular place can be cancelled out through savings made in another.

To achieve this, a sum is charged for the greenhouse gas emissions calculated for each flight, and the money used by myclimate for climate projects all around the world – for example, the biggest solar power system in Latin America is currently being installed in Monte Plate in the Dominican Republic, and in India biogas plants are being built to provide clean and sustainable energy for homes.

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