paysafecard conquers Australia

It is now also possible to pay online "down under" with paysafecard. The move into Australia is not really surprising when one considers the country's particularly internet affine society. More than 90% of Australians are actively online and this has naturally led to a fast-growing need for digital payment methods.

The particularly security conscious nature of internet users there and a tendency toward cash payments create the ideal conditions for the launch. And now Australian consumers can pay with paysafecard just as simply, safely and quickly as with cash.

We also score points on price. Conventional prepaid cards are often connected to considerable additional charges in Australia. In contrast, buying paysafecard does not involve any extra fees or charges.

Plus, the widespread availability of paysafecard is also ensured. Thanks to our distribution partners epay and Touch Networks, paysafecard is launching in Australia with a distribution network of over 12,000 sales outlets. Further sales outlets and distribution partners will follow in the coming weeks.

All in all, we see huge potential for our prepaid payment method in Australia and we're incredibly excited about its rate of growth.

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