paysafecard draws on a very special talent pool

Strong logical and analytical intellectual ability, pattern identification skills and high accuracy are essential success factors in IT and Quality Assurance in particular. paysafecard draws on two special minds for these tasks: Bernhard (developer) and Christian (tester).

They both combine very special talents: high concentration capabilities, particularly for long routine tasks which would tire other people; above-average accuracy; and finding errors others don’t see. Something else also joins these two exceptional talents: They are both employees with autistic cognition.

Such people often possess special abilities from which companies could and can benefit, but despite this, 80% of the 80,000 autistic people in Austria are unemployed. This is a loss for both these special talents and for companies in particular.

Because bringing them together can be a perfect win-win for all: Bernhard and Christian shed new perspectives on things in our Team Fusion and ask questions about things we hadn’t previously considered. Again and again, this leads us to new, innovative solutions and has already allowed us to optimise our internal processes.

Instead of focusing on the possible hurdles, we decided to be open to the opportunities and to use the potential.

To thank for our two team members we have the charity organisation Specialsterne, which is engaged in creating more employment opportunities for people with autism. They assist us with advice and action and together we have been able to create an ideal working environment to the benefit of everyone.

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