paysafecard grows and grows — the latest market launch

What do Bulgaria and Lithuania have in common? Exactly! The online prepaid payment method paysafecard.

The inclusion of these markets sees paysafecard continue on its path of global expansion. Now the digital prepaid payment solutions provider is present in a total of 37 countries around the world.

With Bulgaria (The Land of Roses), we have opened up one of the last remaining EU countries and another important Eastern European market. Particular to here is that the use of paysafecard is tied to the use of the online payment account my paysafecard. This allows the management of purchased PINs in a single account, as well as the useful feature of being able to combine any remaining credit on them.

Bulgaria has been waiting for a safe prepaid payment method for a long time. Customers are immediately able to purchase PINs from over 1000 Easypay shops. Further sales outlets will soon follow.

The expansion into Lithuania sees us continue in our opening up of the Baltic states. paysafecard has been present in Latvia since 2010. All three Baltic states are highly developed digital nations. It is therefore no surprise that the concept of paysafecard falls on particularly fertile ground there. Availability is guaranteed practically throughout the country, with PINs available from over 2000 terminals. These are mainly found at the POS of supermarkets and shopping centres. In addition, there are many convenience stores fitted with issuing equipment.

For 2014, this much can be revealed: We are continuing on our expansion course — beyond even the borders of Europe.

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