paysafecard is making noise in further markets: Review of agency kick-offs

In the three German-speaking countries, paysafecard is an established name among media and journalists alike. This is important, as we need to make the latest sales outlets, web shops and sales partners aware of our payment solution and to be able to offer even better paysafecard services. And also to enable more and more people to benefit from the many benefits of the paysafecard.

Since this spring, paysafecard is now also available in five further countries to achieve an even greater degree of popularity and visibility. In Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Poland – all very important and successful markets – local agencies, which are well acquainted with the local media, are working full swing at providing them with information about paysafecard. Reports and articles are being constantly published about prepaid payment and secure payments with paysafecard.

To get things going, Michaela Unger and Sabine Welt have recently traveled to all five countries and visited key agency members to introduce paysafecard to them personally. The meetings were very exciting with totally new perspectives and many new ideas for the launch of paysafecard in these countries. And it was great to hear what moves users here, what they need and how paysafecard can help them to achieve this.

Personal contact onsite is very decisive for joint future success - after all, communication is "human business" and calls for a constant exchange of ideas on equal footing. And this is much easier to do if those involved actually know each other personally. For this reason, the meetings were held to introduce paysafecard as well as the respective agency and the local media landscape. Spain is totally different than Poland, and the situation in France is not like the situation in Greece. This has become much clearer during these meetings - and we make use of the specific characteristics of each market to communicate our messages.

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