paysafecard travels carbon neutral

The preservation of the Earth is an important subject. Taking responsibility for this and actively contributing to protecting the climate and environment is very important to paysafecard.

paysafecard is an international company and our partners and employees are spread across the world - so travel is unavoidable. However, because business travel results in CO2 emissions, paysafecard would like to voluntarily offset this in part. Our partner for doing this is myclimate.

With the help of certified environmental projects, myclimate makes offsetting the emissions resulting from our business travel possible. This means that every business flight taken by paysafecard employees becomes carbon neutral.

The non-profit organisation is one of the world’s leading providers of offsetting measures, and meets strict criteria: The so-called Gold Standard confirms the actual reduction of greenhouse gases, as well as the contribution to sustainable development of participating countries. The projects not only reduce CO2 emissions, but also contribute to sustainable development in project regions, thereby improving the living conditions of the people who live there.

Our partnership with myclimate is part of an overall responsibility awareness concept. This sees paysafecard make an essential contribution to climate protection and a sustainable future.

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