Piloting in Switzerland: Prepaid Mastercard YUNA TO GO Launches

YUNA TO GO sees the introduction of a new kind of prepaid Mastercard to Switzerland. It can now be bought at 850 sales outlets in the country, including at the petrol stations of leading oil companies. The launch of this product closes another gap in the cashless payments sector.

How it works

Purchasing YUNA TO GO is very simple: Cards can be bought at any of the 850 sales outlets available, topped up with an amount of the customer's choosing (up to 250 CHF a time, max. 3000 CHF a year) and activated by text message. The customer can now pay at more than 1 million online shops and at over 33 million sales points that accept Mastercard. Purchasing a card requires neither the completion of an elaborate registration process nor a bank account. Once a card's balance has been used, the card can be registered online and quickly and simply topped up again at any of the many sales outlets available for the period of one year.

The security of prepaid cards combined with the wide acceptance of credit cards

The advantages of YUNA TO GO are apparent: It combines the benefits of prepaid products with the broad acceptance of credit cards. This sees the latest in security standards met with access to one of the world's most extensive payment systems. Thanks to the prepaid principle, consumers also enjoy complete control of their spending. For anyone who doesn't have a credit card, YUNA TO GO offers probably the most convenient way to access e-commerce services. This new prepaid credit card provides all consumers with a secure payment system combined with optimal control of their spending when shopping online.

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