POS without limits

paysafecard is available worldwide - at more than 500,000 points of sale such as kiosks, tobacconists, supermarkets and many other businesses; and that number is constantly growing.

The following graph shows the point of sales development over the years.

Recent additions and highlights of this network

  • 1,400 Irish postal outlets recently began selling paysafecard.
  • In Poland, our business partner DINO added 570 new POS.
  • In Georgia, paysafecard is now available at around 2,500 TBC Pay vending machines.
  • In July alone, 780 Australian supermarkets (Coles Supermarkets) added paysafecard to their sales portfolio.
  • Since June paysafecard has also been available for purchase at GECO tobacconists in the Czech Republic.

A very special highlight from Poland: paysafecard can now be purchased on around 800 buses in the capital of Warsaw - simply from the on-board ticket machines! We are, of course, very proud of these mobile POS.

One last POS update from Switzerland:

The SBB and paysafecard.com have worked together on sales in Switzerland since 2009. paysafecard vouchers can be purchased with cash or debit card (Maestro, PostFinance) at 1,452 SBB ticket machines, in 718 train stations across Switzerland, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This service is actively used and appreciated, particularly in rural areas.

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