Schoolchildren visit paysafecard

Experts Day is an annual event organised by ARG Hollabrunn. It allows young people to glimpse into a variety of professional fields.

As a part of Experts Day 2013, a group of schoolchildren visited the paysafecard Online Marketing Department at the company's headquarters in Vienna. There they took part in a range of workshops. Through this they were able to pick up interesting background information on the range of duties covered by the six-member Online Marketing team. This allowed the schoolchildren to see how things like social media are deployed by the company. They also got a glimpse into how a website is created. Once the theory part was over, the practice began- Under guidance, the schoolchildren were able to write their own copy for the website.

The young visitors appeared to be very impressed by their visit to paysafecard: "Our morning at paysafecard was definitely one of the most interesting school days I've had," said one schoolchild in conclusion.

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