The top 5 trends in gaming

No other industry is in such a powerful state of flux as the gaming industry: However, identifiable trends do characterise its development:

1. F2P remains dominant

A few years ago, free-to-play (F2P) usurped the traditional purchasing model. A game must no longer be bought and is free to download. Revenues are then generated in-game through additional modules, subscriptions or upgrades (which makes the fast payment system of paysafecard necessary). This will remain so, simply because consumers, who quickly recognise the convenience of the model, will not be drawn from it. A return to the traditional purchasing model is inconceivable.

2. Cloud gaming

The era of developing a game and selling it is over. More than ever, games of the future will be available online and regularly updated from the cloud. This creates opportunities and challenges for developers.

3. Rapid growth of eSports

The fusion of the multiplayer experience with real sports outside of the digital world is booming. The attendance figures at gaming events characterised as eSports speak for themselves. This boom also highlights the fact that online games can promote contact and communication. It is against this background that paysafecard sponsors ESL (Electronic Sports League) events. ESL is one of the world’s largest independent eSports companies. Over the next few weeks alone, paysafecard will be at the forefront of online tournaments with 225,000 players and 54,000 teams.

4. Global Distribution

It is not only the target markets of digital games which are becoming increasingly international, their subjects and genres are becoming so, too. Asia, with its numerous, large and diverse internet-adept societies, is both a highly essential market and the original gaming market. Internationalisation also applies in a thematic sense too: from a strongly North American / Western European focus, the thematic horizon is expanding to subjects such as Mayan culture and Chinese mythology.

5. Mobile – what else?

Currently, almost every trend report put together on the digital world boils down to going mobile. It’s no wonder, when one considers the smartphone penetration of societies, that the gaming sector is following suit. Even today, the most popular apps are games and it is here too that the greatest revenue opportunities of the future lie. The paysafecard app provides handy features, such as mobile payments with Scan2pay. This allows payments to be completed by simply scanning a QR code and entering a personal security PIN to pay securely in seconds. And the game can go on ...

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