The winning guild is certain! A look back on the big paysafecard games campaign

After running for over a month, the winning guild of the big paysafecard games campaign is certain: Congratulations to the Superheroes Guild!

Under the slogan, "Experience the complete world of online gaming with paysafecard", paysafecard users could join a guild from 22 April to 26 May. The aim was to help lead their guild to victory by completing various activities and collecting coins. In the end, the Superheroes Guild collected the most coins and won the competition. The main prize of a VIP trip to gamescom 2013 for 4 people was then raffled among the guild members. Participants could also win 5 Wii U consoles as well as 1000 x €5 paysafecard PINs. The campaign was accompanied by a diverse range of bonus promotions, including those with merchants such as Valve (Steam), Ubisoft, Bigpoint and Gameforge.

Over 237,000 users took part in the guilds competition, with the proportion of male users being markedly higher at 198,000 participants. Almost half of the around 40,000 participating women were members of the winning guild: the Superheroes Guild. The most active users were in Germany, followed by Turkey and France.

We would like to thank everyone who took part for their enthusiastic participation and the energetic support of their guilds! We would also like to warmly congratulate all the winners!

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