This is how I distinguish a good solution from a bad solution for cash on the internet.

There are countless payment solution providers on the internet, many of which are newcomers to the market. For consumers it is important to conduct the following check to find the best individual solution:

Is the means of payment a proven method?
New providers often have "teething problems", which in extreme cases may prove to be very detrimental to the user. A long-standing established solution has been proven over the years and provides security.

What about acceptance?
Trendy payment methods that are not accepted by many webshops are disappointing over time because you end up having to use several different means of payment.

Where can I buy the means of payment - Can I buy it offline as well?
Sales at tobacconists, gas stations, supermarkets, etc.increase security as no personal data is necessary as these items are paid in cash. Means of payment that are only offered on the internet naturally do not have this benefit.

Are the costs of the means of payment transparent?
Some means of payment, such as the classic paysafecard PINS are free, so there is no question in terms of transparency. Otherwise, costs should be traceable and transparent so that you can clearly assess the costs and benefits.

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