Three questions for Marc Riedi - CEO of paysafecard Switzerland

paysafecard is an international, fast-growing company with numerous exciting areas of responsibility, such as sales, marketing, human resources, IT and compliance. By putting 3 questions to employees from different areas of the company, we provide exciting glimpses into the diverse working life of paysafecard.

In addition to its headquarters in Vienna, paysafecard also has branches in Germany and Switzerland, and is now active in 34 countries around the world.

paysafecard Switzerland is a subsidiary in a comparatively small country where it assumes local responsibility for operating activities. The particularity of the country exists in its regulatory framework which is distinctively different to other countries. The subsidiary's central responsibilities include a diverse range of areas: From continuous market analysis in terms of opportunities and risks, to the development of strategies and the continued development and acquisition of new distribution partners and retailers.

Marc Riedi, CEO of paysafecard Switzerland, has answered three questions for us:

What has been the greatest challenge presented to you at paysafecard to date? 

The greatest challenge for me so far was resolutely grabbing the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) - which supervises and controls all financial areas - by the horns to ensure a comparable starting position for the my paysafecard payment account in Switzerland, too, and thereby also further future innovations.

Swiss users can now manage their purchased paysafecard PINs from the overview of single account. This gives them the best possible overview of their current balance and past transactions, as well as allowing them to pay online simply and easily with only a username and password.

Which successful project or completed task would you name as that which has had the greatest influence on your career thus far?

The continued expansion of the 24/7 self-service channel in partnership with nationally renowned partners, such as the Swiss Federal Railways and PostFinance (subsidiary of the Swiss Post), had a significantly large influence on my career.

The success of the project made it possible for our customers to obtain paysafecard twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, from vending machines and by mobile phone. That was a major milestone for me.

What do you consider to be the most important areas of growth for the company and where do the greatest future market opportunities lie?

I see the expansion of the payment product to include mobile end devices in the area of mass-market applications (such as ticketing, parking and e-services) as one of the most important areas of growth for our company. The greatest market opportunity of the future will be country-specific direct selection from the range of products of the online shop and/or paysafecard app, whereby it will be possible to purchase paysafecard conveniently and easily from the home around the clock and regardless of location.

Closing statement: Characteristic of paysafecard for me...

...is its extremely well executed transformation from a carefree company born in the age of the internet hype at the start of the millennium into a company taken seriously on an international level and one which has become a respected player in the payment transfers industry – all while integrating more and more the characteristics of a speedboat than of an oil tanker.


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