Three questions for Marion Büchsenmeister - Vice President of Human Resources at paysafecard

paysafecard is the European market leader in online prepaid payment solutions and member of the international Skrill Group. It is a global, rapidly growing company with numerous exciting areas of responsibility, such as Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, IT, Legal and Compliance. By putting 3 questions to employees from different areas of the company, we provide exciting glimpses into the diverse working life of paysafecard.

This time it is the turn of our Vice President of Human Resources Marion Büchmeister. The experienced HR specialist “steers the rudder” of personnel, providing us with unerring answers to our questions. As Vice President of Human Resources for North and Central Europe, she is responsible for every employee throughout the Skrill Group in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Her duties are hugely diverse, ranging from steering the recruitment process to the integration of new employees and performance management.

- What has been your greatest challenge at paysafecard to date?

As a global company, paysafecard has complex company and personnel structures. This naturally calls for a global HR policy. The challenge is in helping mould the mixture of cultures, working methods and personalities into a single corporate culture, and strengthening the feeling of US across national borders. This is achievable only with targeted and honest communication on equal terms. The multi-cultural nature of our workforce enriches our corporate culture at paysafecard - and so this challenge is also the most exciting aspect of my job.

- When is your department’s “primetime”? When is there particularly a lot to do?

“Primetime” for the HR department is at year’s end. It is during this period that the personnel strategy for the coming year is developed. Due to the company’s strong growth trajectory, the focus of 2015 will primarily be on talent and change management, in addition to recruitment and personnel development. paysafecard is naturally always on the lookout for high potentials, for there is a real “War of Talents” for the top talent of our industry. To remain attractive as an employer, we continually invest in our internal and external employer branding. Here, it is the well-being of our employees which is of the utmost priority. This can only be achieved through regular conversations, evaluations and the individual advancement of potential.

- Which skills does a member of the HR department need to bring with them?

Two components are important here: expert knowledge and so-called soft skills. Know-how from the areas of recruitment and learning, personnel and talent development, and employee relations are all, without question, essential. It is also important to always be on the ball, to keep training. Particularly in the digital age, new tools are continually appearing on the market, from mobile recruiting to social web applications. On the other hand, it is important to like working with people, to be good at listening, and to have a good sense of the person opposite. For me, it is important to show that the doors to the HR department are always open to every employee.

In my opinion, paysafecard stands for …

... a young, innovative company which places people first and opens new opportunities for them.

For further information, please contact Marion Büchsenmeister: m.buechsenmeister@paysafecard.com.

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