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The most unique of our >500,000 outlets

”Available worldwide“ means exactly that for paysafecard. Let’s take a look at some of the more unusual places on earth where this prepaid payment method is available:

  • The northern-most point of sale: Should you find yourself on the Norwegian island of Magerøya and decide you‘d like to make a secure purchase online, you can get your hands on paysafecard from two shops in the island‘s capital city of Honningsvåg. Dress warm though - the North Cape is only 40km away.
  • The southern-most point of sale: To find paysafecard as far south as possible, you‘ll need to travel to Ushaia in the southern tip of Argentina. You‘ll be rewarded with an exceptionally impressive landscape - and also with our payment method.
  • The highest-altitude outlet: This one can also be found in South America, in Peru. La Rinconanda is the highest-altitude city (with around 40,000 inhabitants) in the world, and is situated in the Andes on the border with Bolivia. To get there, you‘ll need to get yourself to 5,100 metres above sea level.
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