Since its launch in 2000, paysafecard has made it possible for people to pay online as safely as paying in cash. With the expansion, paysafecard is now available internationally and today is one of the world's market leaders for prepaid solutions and part of Paysafe Holdings UK Limited.

2000 - 2007: The early years

2000-2001: paysafecard launches in Austria and Germany

In 2000, four Austrians developed "cash for the internet" and launched it under the name paysafecard. paysafecard is purchased at sales outlets and used to pay by entering a printed 16-digit PIN in an online shop. Only one year after its founding, paysafecard also launched in Germany.

2002: paysafecard develops from card into e-voucher

In 2002, paysafecard became available not only as a physical card, but also as a printed receipt (e-voucher). From 2004, the payment method also became available to buy online.

2005: paysafecard receives EU funding

In 2005, paysafecard was awarded EU funding (eTEN) for the coming years to help in its international expansion and to promote online payments without a credit card.

2006: European expansion

From 2006, paysafecard began focussing on expansion and launched operational business in Greece, Slovenia, Spain, Great Britain and Slovakia.

2007: Transaction milestone

A significant milestone is reached: In 2007, more than 10 million transactions are completed with paysafecard for the first time.

2008 - 2009: e-money licence facilitates international victory march

2008: EU-wide e-money licence to issue electronic money, FINMA licensed in Switzerland

In 2008, paysafecard acquired an e-money licence issued by the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) through its subsidiary Prepaid Services Company Ltd. With this licence, e-money can be issued throughout Europe. paysafecard launches in France, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Belgium.

2009: Mastercard® licence, expansion

Global expansion also continued. In 2009, paysafecard launched in another nine European countries. Also, Argentina became the first country outside Europe in which paysafecard launched. A Mastercard licence now entitled paysafecard to issue Mastercard products.

2010 - 2012: New countries and products

2010: Launches in the USA and Mexico

In 2010, the paysafecard product portfolio grew again: This time to include YUNA Prepaid Mastercard®. This makes it possible to pay anywhere where Debit Mastercard is accepted. The company also sent out further strong signals: Coinciding with its tenth anniversary, paysafecard is launched in the USA and Mexico, thereby becoming available in 26 countries.

2011: paysafecard app for smartphones

paysafecard launched its free app, which continues to be enriched with new services and features. paysafecard launches in Latvia

2012: Launches in Turkey, Canada, Croatia, Hungary and Malta

In 2012, paysafecard launched in Turkey, Croatia, Hungary and Canada. paysafecard is also introduced in Italy.

2013 – present: Leap to world leader

2013: Launch of my paysafecard

In 2013, paysafecard successfully launched online payments account my paysafecard in 22 countries. Purchased paysafecard PINs could now be managed in a personal account.
2013 also sees paysafecard expand into Gibraltar, Australia, Bulgaria and Lithuania. Since 2013 paysafecard has been part of the international Skrill Group.

2014: Launches in Peru and Uruguay

With Peru and Uruguay, the paysafecard portfolio of countries was joined by two burgeoning economies exhibiting the optimal conditions for prepaid online payments.

Product launches

Building on its existing products, paysafecard now also offered a prepaid Mastercard. The card provides the benefits of prepaid payments combined with the strength of a card accepted all over the world.
my PLUS is an innovative loyalty programme for the online payments account my paysafecard, offering users attractive rewards and exclusive offers.

2015: Launches in New Zealand & Kuwait

With the inclusion of the important market of New Zealand, paysafecard expanded its international presence to include a digital information society that exhibits strong internet and smartphone usage, and thereby the ideal conditions for prepaid solutions.
As one of the fastest growing markets for prepaid payments in the Middle East Region and boasting a young and internet-adept population, Kuwait also joined the paysafecard world map.
paysafecard the product is now available in 25 currencies at 500.000 sales outlets in 44 countries around the world.

Since 2015, paysafecard has been part of the international Paysafe Group.

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