Prepaid online payment solutions

With its core product paysafecard, the my paysafecard payments account, and a prepaid Mastercard®, the company offers a diverse range of ways to pay cash online. paysafecard is present around the world in 44 countries.


The core product works like a prepaid mobile phone card. paysafecard is purchased at a sales outlet and used to pay by entering the printed 16-digit PIN. No personal information or bank details are entered, thereby protecting financial privacy.

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my paysafecard

Purchased paysafecard PINs are added to the my paysafecard payments account and managed in a well organised account. After registering free, payments are made by simply entering a username and password. my paysafecard users also benefit from the numerous attractive offers from the my PLUS loyalty programme.

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paysafecard Mastercard

paysafecard Mastercard makes it possible to pay anywhere where Mastercard is accepted. The difference to other credit cards is that paysafecard Mastercard is not connected to a bank account and offers both consumers and retailers all the advantages of a prepaid card.

White label solutions

paysafecard has more than ten years experience in developing closed-loop and semi-closed-loop card programmes which can be designed as vouchers or gift cards.
Depending on customer needs, the implementation of closed-loop or semi-closed-loop solutions is possible. More information is available from our sales team.

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