German internet users are careful when paying online

Vienna, July 29th, 2015 – Protection of personal and sensitive data is especially important - The purchasing and payment habits of internet users and their assessment of the security risk was the subject of a market research study which was carried out in Germany on behalf of paysafecard. paysafecard is a Vienna-based global market leader in prepaid online payment methods, and member of the international Skrill Group. A little more than half (52.6%) the buyers surveyed paid a lot of attention to security when paying online, and wanted stricter protection of their privacy (52.1%).

When asked about their buying habits, just under half (46.8%) of those surveyed stated that they had shopped online up to ten times in the past twelve months, 28.2% had shopped online more than 20 times.

In general cash payments are preferred, and even in online payments cash alternatives are popular

It's not surprising that three quarters (75.2%) of all those asked about their payment habits preferred cash as their payment method. EC card followed with 56.8%, and only 21.4% used credit card. Prepaid cards, such as paysafecard, which can be used as cash alternatives in online payment, were used by 3.5% of those surveyed. And 3.9% paid with their smartphone via SMS or app.

Security is very important

Irrespective of which means of payment used, the question of security is very important to German internet users. 30.7% were worried about their data being spied on when paying with their mobile phones, and 25.5% when paying with their credit card, closely followed by worries about hacker attacks on their own online bank account (23.1%). At 18.8%, stealing of passwords for the various online payment systems was also relatively high on the list. Means of payment which do not use a password, such as the prepaid card paysafecard, are very secure in comparison.

The fear of danger is much higher than the actual danger

Also interesting is the fact that around half those surveyed (49.5%) estimate that the risk of being victim of attempts at fraud when paying online is medium. More than a third (35.5%) even found this risk to be high or very high. However, only 10.7% reported that they have ever fallen victim to it. And 17.7% personally know someone who has been defrauded. Due to the manyreports and abundance of information about fraud online – just under two thirds (63.4%) of those questioned knew of cases from the media – security consciousness has increased greatly. More than half the buyers (52.6%) are careful, and pay special attention to security when paying online. Just under half (48%) wouldn't like it if third parties were able to see their personal data, and more than half (52.1%) want stronger laws to protect their privacy.

paysafecard: as safe and valuable as cash – security campaign explains

Being able to pay safely on the internet is an important issue for anyone who wishes to pay quickly and conveniently online, and protect their data. Paysafecard has a reliable solution: pay with paysafecard PINs. It doesn't require entering any personal details, bank account information or credit card details. Financial privacy is always completely protected. That's why paysafecard has launched a campaign addressing the issue of "paying simply and safely online", helping to raise consumer awareness. This security campaign comprises of both up-to-date materials such as a security fact sheet, security brochure and video, as well as a dedicated security website.

paysafecard has been available since 2000, and can be bought at 500,000 sales outlets (service stations, drug stores, etc.) in 40 countries around the world. Payment can then be made in online shops with the printed 16-digit paysafecard PIN. This amount is then debited from the balance, which can always be checked online. This means that the customer has total cost control, and always knows how much money remains on their paysafecard.

Info about the study: The study was carried out by the market research institute Marketagent on behalf of paysafecard in May, 2015, and surveyed more than 800 people aged 16 to 69 who live in Germany.


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