New app for convenient & safe online payment

Vienna, 21.01.2013 - With its new app for iPhones and Android devices, paysafecard.com Wertkarten AG now offers easy-to-use, practical functions for mobile phone users – at home or on the go:

Finding sales outlets: 

With the "Find sales outlet" function, the closest paysafecard sales outlets are found in a matter of just a few seconds. Once you have found the sales outlet you would like to visit, you can transfer the address to the route planner to reach your final destination in the quickest possible manner. You can enter your current location manually or let your smartphone find it for you.

Checking current credit:

With this application, users can check the personal credit of their paysafecard PINs at any time. One quick glance and the user sees their credit as well as all transactions that have been executed –  this gives users more control over their spending behaviour.

News, campaigns and promotions:

Users can use the app to stay on top of ongoing campaigns, promotions and other news about the paysafecard.

App Help:

Useful tips and answers to frequently asked questions on how to use the paysafecard for quick and easy payments.

For further information on the paysafecard app, please visit paysafecard at  www.paysafecard.com/en-gb/products/app/