Paying safely online with paysafecard

Vienna, 4th December 2013 – Being able to pay safely on the internet is an important issue for anyone who wishes to pay quickly and conveniently online. paysafecard has a reliable solution: pay with paysafecard. paysafecard is so popular precisely because customers never have to enter any personal details such as a bank account or credit card number to be able to pay safely at thousands of online shops. But as with any payment method, from cash to credit cards, paysafecard can also become the target of criminal elements.

That's why the European market leader for prepaid payment solutions has launched a campaign addressing the issue of "paying simply and safely online", and thereby help raise consumer awareness. This security campaign comprises of both up-to-date materials such as a security fact sheet, security brochure and newsletter, as well as a dedicated security website.

In order to protect customers against fraud, the company works closely with the relevant authorities and consumer protection agencies. A dedicated security department within the company develops preventative measures to identify and remove potential risks. Suspicious incidents are carefully scrutinised and reported to the authorities.

However, the most important measure is to treat the 16-digit PIN found on every paysafecard like cash and never pass it on to a third party.

Security tips on carefully using paysafecard online:

  1. Only buy paysafecard at authorised sales outlets.
  2. Treat paysafecard like cash and never pass it on to a third party! This includes by e-mail and telephone. 
  3. Only use paysafecard at the online shops of authorised business partners. 
  4. If you suspect fraud, contact the paysafecard hotline immediately: info@paysafecard.com!
  5. Further security tips are available at http://paysafecard.com/security


About paysafecard:

paysafecard.com Wertkarten AG (holding of the paysafecard group) - www.paysafecard.com - is based in Vienna with subsidiaries in London, Dusseldorf, Lucerne, New York, Mexico City and Buenos Aires, among other places. The company was founded in Austria and Germany in 2000. The company is now present in ###COUNTRY### countries at over 450,000 sales outlets worldwide with its core product paysafecard. paysafecard is a prepaid online payment solution which anyone can use. No bank account or credit card is necessary. The paysafecard 16-digit PIN is all that's needed to complete a payment transaction. paysafecard can be used at 4000 online shops. The company has become the European market leader in prepaid payment solutions with the brands: paysafecard, YUNA and Happy Schenkcard. In 2012, it was awarded Paybefore Awards for Best Digital Currency and Most Innovative Prepaid Solution. 2013 brought victory in the category of Best Consumer Value.

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