paysafecard – as valuable as cash

22 October 2013, Berlin/Vienna – The payment method paysafecard is known as "online cash". That means that paysafecard can be bought at the values of €10, €25, €50 and €100 at petrol stations, newsagents and pharmacy stores. This allows users to pay safely online without entering any bank account or credit card details. You simply need to enter the 16-digit PIN printed on paysafecard at an online store – and payment is complete.

The statement "online cash" also means that paysafecard, with its 16-digit PIN, is as valuable as cash. The amount that can be lost may only be as high as the value of the purchased paysafecard, but the payment method should nevertheless be treated with the same care as actual cash. Revealing a paysafecard PIN to a third party gives that third party access to already purchased credit.

There is currently a wave of fraudulent demands for payment being sent by e-mail in which payment is demanded from recipients for the alleged infringement of copyright laws, the violation of other laws, or regarding the chargeable download of adult-only content. Because these fraudulent demands of up to €100 should be paid by paysafecard, we would like to emphasise the following points:

paysafecard can only be used as an online payment method at paysafecard approved partners. All of these partners are checked by paysafecard according to strict criteria before they are able to integrate paysafecard as a payment method. Accepted payment points include, for example, online games and internet telephony providers (users can find further information on this at http://www.paysafecard.com/de/bezahlen/ ). 

paysafecard should, therefore, never be passed on to a third person or used to pay anyone other paysafecard approved partners. Demands to reveal paysafecard PINs over the telephone or by e-mail should never be met.

Our service team is happy to serve as the first point of contact. Users can find all the contact options available at http://www.paysafecard.com/de/hilfe/


Those who wish to be particularly careful should also note the paysafecard serial number and keep it safe. If a paysafecard becomes lost or lands in the possession of a third party without the user's consent, users can request that the paysafecard support team freeze any remaining credit.

More on the safe prepaid payment method at http://www.paysafecard.com/de/


Media contact: Nina Koch | paysafecard@piabo.net | +49 30 257620519