paysafecard enters Latin American market

London/Vienna 4th June 2009 – Popular online payment method provider paysafecard, already well established in Europe, now operates in Argentina with a fully owned subsidiary. The company has, in addition, expanded to Italy, Sweden and Luxembourg, raising the total number of countries in which it is available to 20 since it was founded in 2000.

From June 2009, paysafecard will be distributed from 3,500 outlets in Argentina, which will be the company's base for further expansion into Latin America.

"The South American continent has a gigantic market potential for prepaid payment solutions", explains Michael Muller, CEO of paysafecard group. "We are witnessing a significant demand for international alternatives, one reason for this is because of the low number of local providers. Cash solutions are welcome in Latin America, because international web-shops rarely accept national credit cards."

Whilst Argentina is the first country outside Europe that paysafecard will reach, the company continues to widen its activities in the European market with its move into Italy, Sweden and Luxembourg.


About paysafecard: Over the past nine years, paysafecard have established themselves as Europe's favourite safe and easy-to-use alternative prepaid payment method for e-commerce. It is available in 19 countries throughout Europe and also in Argentina. The smart payment solution is designed for users who don't have a credit or debit card or who don't want to use their credit card for online purchases and other micro payments on the Internet. Users simply authorize a payment by entering a PIN code, similar to the system used with prepaid phone cards. Thousands of e-businesses are benefiting from new customers by offering this safe and uncomplicated payment solution. paysafecard is available in £10, £25, £50 and £75 e-vouchers at more than 230,000 outlets across Europe and South America. In March 2009 the group was awarded "Best Prepaid Company outside the USA" by the global prepaid industry publication Paybefore.

For more information, please visit www.paysafecard.com