How we interpret responsibility?

As one of the world's market leaders in the field of prepaid online payment solutions, a responsible relationship with our employees, customers and business partners is particularly important to us and, therefore, firmly anchored in our corporate culture.

  • Our employees shape the success of our company with their exceptional know-how and tireless commitment. They are an important part of our capital. Our responsibility is their personal furtherance and offering them the chance to unfold their potential.
  • We see our service providers and suppliers as equal partners. Our goal is developing and maintaining long-term, positive business relations to ensure the best-possible service.
  • Our online shop and distribution partners hold significant importance to us and have a great influence over the satisfaction of our customers. We work hand in hand together with them to provide our end customers with perfect service.
  • After all, it's our customers who decide if our products are successful or not. For this reason, their needs are the daily focus of our work and are taken into account in all that we do. At the same time, security and simplicity in paying and using our products remain in the foreground.

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