Connecting generations

Since it was founded, paysafecard has had a clear vision: To enable access to online services and products to everyone, regardless of their social status or cultural background.

As an internationally successful company which began life as a start-up around 15 years ago, we support young companies in realising their dreams and goals. The goal of MuG (Association for Media Work and Generations) places it at the beginning of a path that holds great promise and which communicates an important cause.

Nowadays, it's impossible to avoid so-called new media. However, using the internet, smartphones and so on is still not yet a matter of course for many people. MuG deals with precisely this issue and supports a range of target groups in meeting their various challenges.

With the motto, "From a start-up for a start-up" paysafecard not only financially supports MuG and its staff, it also provides access to the many years of experience and know-how of a now successful, former start-up.

Further information on MuG can be found here.

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