The prepaid solution paysafecard

"Consumers are faced with a huge variety of payment transactions in everyday life. Particularly online, it's sometimes difficult to keep an overview of spending. This is where prepaid payment methods come to their aid. They allow users to set their own spending limits, safe in the knowledge that they cannot accidentally exceed them."

Udo Müller, CEO paysafecard

Online shopping

Online shopping has penetrated all levels of society and age groups in recent years. Advantages such as simpler price comparisons, home delivery and the ability to shop whenever they want are being exploited by more and more people.

Caution is then called for when an overview of spending becomes lost. This can happen, for example, when consumers choose a payment method which deducts their purchases directly from their accounts.

Complete spending overview

It is precisely here that the prepaid principle starts: Prepaid payment methods set users a limit, thereby encouraging an awareness of how much money remains available. Prepaid products prevent people spending more than the amount they previously set themselves.

paysafecard offers a range of prepaid payment methods. They have each been developed for different needs, but all meet the same requirement: Simple and safe spending without losing the overview.

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