How to find sponsors?

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How to find eSports sponsors?

Sponsoring contracts and financial support are usually the next big step for young eSport players. Sponsors can often be used as a springboard to international success, making them essential for a professional career. This contribution provides useful tips and insights on how to hunt for sponsors successfully.

Be there: get your name on the scene

The world of eSports thrives primarily through the simple chance to match one's performance online with other gamers. First successes can be achieved in numerous cups and online tournaments. In order to raise one's profile further, however, it is essential to show strength offline as well. Regional championships and national tournaments offer very suitable opportunities to make yourself known locally. Anyone who is among the leading players in the country and is able to prove it in offline tournaments as well has a strong position in looking for sponsors.

Contact the umbrella associations

eSports associations provide the first point of contact at national level for interested companies and sponsors. It is therefore very advantageous to be in constant touch with the leading figures. This includes, for example, Community Managers, PR spokespeople and members of the Board. The key here is: to demonstrate successes, to be present at suitable events of the associations and to show general interest in the further development of eSports. Sponsoring enquiries often come directly through the eSports umbrella associations, which are glad to pass them on to suitable eSports players and teams.

Show club structures

Founding a club or membership of an eSports club is usually essential to enter into a sponsoring contract. Companies that provide sponsoring cannot book this in their accounts for a private individual and therefore absolutely require another company or a legal person - such as a registered club - for accounting purposes. In short, this means that no serious and comprehensive sponsoring can be provided without the necessary club structure.

Self-marketing and positive behaviour

One thing needs to be clear to all eSports players: Companies and interested parties do not always look for the best player as a partner. Sympathetic behaviour with a positive brand effect is much more important. Your own performance and "being visible", as described in the first point, are basic preconditions for sponsoring deals. However, the final decision will be made on the basis of self-marketing and behaviour. It is necessary to be seen positively in the community and to have good personal reach in order to be really interesting to potential sponsors. Channels like Twitch, Facebook and YouTube should be used strategically and kept up to date with sensible content. In the end, sponsors want to strengthen their own brand and draw on the personal reach referred to above. In the course of the deal, if the prerequisites of a successful strategy and mutual respect are met, you will grow together and both sides will benefit.

These tips provide a good basis for finding sponsors. Anyone who works consistently on performance and external impact will also sooner or later be successful in finding sponsors.