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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds present an immense challenge, especially for beginners and newcomers. As there is no tutorial, single-player mode or other possibilities in the game to learn PUBG, actual regular play is the only way to become familiar with the game. However, since the other 99 opponents generally make no allowances for the learning phase of their opponents, here are some helpful tips, to accelerate up the learning curve and win the long-coveted Chicken Dinner.

Learning and where necessary changing controls

First of all, you should get to know all the hotkeys and adjust some according to personal taste. In addition to the controls, it is useful to put Bandages, First AID: Kits, Energy Drinks and Painkillers on additional keys, since this makes it possible to heal oneself faster in tricky situations and save valuable seconds which can mean the difference to survival. There are also a few play options which change gameplay. Especially for Peeking and Aiming, changes are very useful. The rule is: just play around with it a little until you discover the settings that suit you. One more tip on mouse control: professionals most play with very low mouse sensitivity, which is often unfamiliar to newcomers. By gradual reduction of the mouse sensitivity, you can feel your way to the ideal settings.

Explore maps

You land on Erangel or Miramar in nothing but your clothes, and you needs to equip yourself as quickly as possible in order to be armed against opponents. How is this done as quickly as possible? The towns essentially all consist of the same buildings, some have many doors and others in turn have an extremely irregular outline with a great deal of empty space. However, there are also many buildings which have plenty of loot-spawns in a very small area. Prioritise these, in order to be equipped as fast as possible – efficiency is everything! Here are a couple of good starting positions which are not as hotly contested as Pecado and School.

  • Chumacera (Miramar)
  • Prison (Miramar)
  • Factory (Erangel – the building on the left, by Mylta Power)
  • Zharki (Erangel)

Inventory management

Even the largest backpack in PUBG can unfortunately not carry everything that is discovered and is limited in its capacity. An important part of PUBG is therefore to decide this: "What shall I take and what shall I leave behind?" Knowing which objects are important for the course of the game requires great experience and also depends on personal preferences. However, in most cases it is better not to have too many Bandages packed and rather to have more space for a First Aid Kit or Painkillers. While one tries to find the best items in PUBG as fast as possible, it is important to judge what will yield most benefits and which objects one can dispose of. Ammunition for the assault rifle, for instance, is far more important than pistol ammunition. When replacing the main weapon, you should also always take care to dispose of ammunition no longer needed.

Many battles

In principle, the motto "Choose your Battles wisely“ applies. Do not immediately open fire on every opponent that you see. As a newcomer, however, it is also not sensible to hide by the generally popular tactical waiting in the top 10. The important thing is to develop a feeling for the weapons at the start and to acquire practice in fighting. The best way to do this is to head for more populated starting areas and aim for direct confrontation. In the process, one can test the different weapons, learn their advantages and drawbacks and find one's favourite weapon. Players wanting to improve their aim in general unfortunately have some difficulty in PUBG due to the relatively low kill rate. Additional first person shooters like CS:GO help to progress here.

Always keep moving

A very common beginners' error after a kill and during looting is simply to stand calmly over the corpse of the opponent while plundering him. The exchange of shots will, however, usually have drawn the attention of other players to the fight and the location and led them to scent easy pickings. A player calmly kneeling over a body is an extremely easy target for another player. By constantly circling the body, one becomes a moving target and significantly harder to hit. This is not only the case for plundering opponents but also in observing the area, if one is so inclined. Merely because you cannot see an opponent does not mean that you aren't already in the cross-hairs of a rival.

Listen carefully

Since the areas where you land are pretty enormous, it may happen that you have to walk for some time without spotting another player. It is however essential to discover other players, and this is just where the sound comes into play. Firing a weapon generates a pretty loud bang and betrays the rough position of the shooting player to all the players in the vicinity. The same applies to cars and other vehicles, which produce even more noise than weapons. But even in melees, the sound is very important, as the sound of steps reveals a great deal about the position of the opponent. The information gained from listening can be used to lurk in wait for the noisy opponent and to defeat him, for instance by superior positioning. It is therefore best to play PUBG with a correspondingly good stereo headset, as one thereby usually hears opponents before they are seen at all.

So don't be scared of failing, no pro just appears without practice – and certainly not in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds! With some skill and the necessary experience, one improves the chances of victory, since in PUBG the key is usually cunningly to outplay the opponent, and to acquire that expertise one has to - sadly - often lose.

Happy Chicken Dinner!