Rocket cars in esports

The future of Rocket League

 Rocket cars in esports

If esports should become part of the Olympics, Rocket League is definitively a strong candidate for an Olympic discipline. The Californian development team Psyonix seems to have found exactly the right mixture for their title, blending familiar esports titles with traditional football. By contrast to the esports market leaders like CS:GO, Dota2 and LoL, the car football game offers a few fundamental advantages despite lower numbers of players. While LoL and Dota2 are difficult to understand and follow for the casual viewer, the principle of the Rocket League game and the action on the screen can be relatively quickly understood by anyone: the ball needs to get into the net, but with cars instead of real players. CS:GO, like Rocket League, scores with a simple and easily-understandable gaming principle that good plays can easily be recognised even by casual esport watchers. However, what disturbs the decision-makers here are displays of violence which seem not to have been conceived for mainstream TV. The developers of Rocket League have just published their roadmap for how the game is to evolve over the summer of 2018.

New DLC and world championship in June

In June, London will be the hotspot for fans of Rocket League. From June 8 to 10, the final of the Rocket League Championship Series, season 5, will be held in the Copper Box Arena. Watching pays off: in addition to being able to watch over the shoulders of the top players in the $250,000 tournament, viewers will also again have the chance to obtain in-game objects by watching. In addition to holding the Championship Final, Psyonix also plans to publish a further "licensed premium DLC" in June.

Birthday update in July

As in every year since the game was published in 2015, Rocket League will be celebrating its birthday in July. This year, the birthday is to be celebrated with a special in-game event, especially designed to appeal to long-standing fans. However, what is in store for fans is not yet being revealed. So we can look forward to finding out what the developers have dreamed up! In addition to the birthday event, the game itself is due to get a major update. First, the friend system of the game will be fundamentally revised and it will be possible in future to play with players on other platforms. However, the main change is the system for progression, which has not changed since publication in summer 2015. The developers are removing the 75 level cap and adjusting the level up requirements. This means that the experience points required for a level up no longer increase exponentially but are based on a fixed experience value. For players, this means a new way to acquire in-game objects, titles and banners. Great changes, which motivate players to carry on.

Rocket Pass in the style of Dota2 and Fortnite

Dota2 has it, so does Fortnite - we're talking about a Battle Pass. This subscription-style system offers developers a further source of income while giving players new content. The "Rocket Pass" enables players to have a new way to acquire cosmetic objects and titles, in addition to the new experience system. The system is quite simple: new stages along the pass are continuously opened by active play, giving the player new rewards. Unlike the usual Battle Pass, however, there will also be a free version. The only difference to the paid version is to be that the premium version allows the rewards to be seen before the stage is completed. Rocket Pass is still under development and more information is expected from the developers. Interested readers can find the complete roadmap here. Good luck in the arena!