Rainbow Six: SIEGE - still storming forward.

Three years after the release of Rainbow Six: SIEGE, Ubisoft and its community are still enjoying the game's steady growth. The problem of falling numbers of viewers and players remains unknown to Ubisoft. With the release of the latest update, "Operation Chimera", 176,000 players were playing the game simultaneously on Steam, bringing it into the top 5 most-played titles for the first time. Furthermore Rainbow Six: Siege can proudly say, that the Six Invitational 2018 final in Montreal was watched by over 300,000 viewers worldwide. The reason for this - apart from the innovative game concept - is the close cooperation between the development studio and its community. The developers regularly release excellent updates and among other things make new maps and operators available. This, of course, increases the appeal and tactical variation of the game.

4 Seasons: map reworks, new maps and operators

In 2018, four new seasons are planned. Each contains two new operators - thus in total eight new playable characters. In addition, four new maps are planned to be released during the year. For season 3, a rework of the Hereford map is foreseen. The map is to be entirely reworked in the process. The layout and map design are being refashioned. Experienced players who are familiar with the old version should soon feel comfortable with it however. Yacht and Favelas are additional map reworks in the planning stage - although these are not scheduled until 2019.

Pick & Ban phase as in Dota2 or LoL

Ubisoft is also ready to make deep changes in the game mechanics. However, the Pick & Ban Phase is only to apply to the Pro League for the game - casual gamers will still need to have some patience. In the Pick & Ban system, each team can block two operators, which are then unavailable for the rest of the game. This change promises to deepen the tactical aspect of the game further. In future, the opposing team selections are to be visible to all before the start of the game. In addition, the switch from the attacker to defender side is being removed by Ubisoft. The game developers hopes that this change will make it easier to learn certain tactics.

Weapon attachments for all plus more operators

In the new starter edition, only four operators instead of six are available to new players. In all other versions, all 20 operators of the basic game are to be released. Only the DLC operator still needs to be released through play. Another important change: all weapon attachments are now available in the inventory to all players from the beginning.

New league structure to bring a breath of fresh air:

Ubisoft is making an effort to ensure that Rainbox Six: SIEGE can maintain and further improve its position in esports. Beyond the existing Pro League and the annual Six Invitational, there have been only a few other tournaments for the top teams in this area up to now. In the coming season – starting in June 2018 - this is to be changed. The Rainbow Six Pro League, in which the best teams are represented, is now being split into two seasons, each six months long (June to November 2018 and December 2018 to May 2019). The eight best teams of each season (the two best teams respectively from Asia/Pacific, Europe, South America and North America) will then compete at the twice-yearly Pro League Finals for a prize pool of $275,000. In September 2018 and March 2019, a three-monthly Challenger League will start in parallel to the Pro League, giving the new teams the chance to qualify for the next season of the Pro League. In addition, there is also to be a Six Major in August to complement the Six Invitational in February. The Six Major and Six Invitational between them boast a total prize pool of $850,000. In addition to these official tournaments from the developers, DreamHack has announced that Rainbow Six: Siege will be regularly included in their worldwide events. The next chance to follow Rainbow Six: Siege at the top level is in August at the Six Paris Major 2018. In this Major, the best 16 teams in the world will compete for a $350,000 prize pool. The community will be on tenterhooks to see whether Team Liquid can match the great performances in the Pro League Season 7 Finals, or whether PENTA Sports, probably the currently dominant team on the Siege stage, will reassert its position at the top after its shock defeat in the Finals.