As a global ESL Partner and with our commitment to you and the esports community, paysafecard created a truly unique opportunity for esports enthusiasts. With the paysafecard Beat the Legends we give you the chance to dive deep into what it means to play competitive with a pro gamer or gaming influencer. Experience the thrill, excitement and emotions and become the center of attention by playing on the stage of an ESL national championship final. Beat the Legends is something truly special money just can't buy.

Beat the Legends @ National Championship France Finals in Montpellier

Listen up France! Beat the Legends is coming to the National Championship France Finals and will be held live on the ESL stage in Montpellier with the two infuencers Wisethug and Houngoungagne.

In total we are giving 8 fans the opportunity to play a CS:GO-showmatch live either on team Wisethug or Team Houngoungagne against the other team on the 23.06.2019 at the Sud de France Arena. Your travel expenses within France (train ticket) as well as the entrance to the National Championship France Finals will be provided by paysafecard.

“The time for retribution has come … on his home turf, CS:GO !”


“Yeah sure… Last time I just let you get ahead start so that your self-esteem wouldn’t get crushed by being ridiculed in front of your entire fanbase !”


You live in France, are over 16 years old and want to test your skill within a team against a CS:GO influencer? Now is your chance to show what you are really made of. Register now by filling out the following details. Registration closes on Sunday, the 2nd of June.

Among all registrations for the Beat the Legends showmatch we will be giving away

  • 10 x EUR 5 PINs
  • Beat the Legends showmatch participants will receive a EUR 50 PIN
  • the MVP of each showmatch will get an additional EUR 100 PIN