• Active paysafecard users can benefit from signing up for myPaysafe. It’s free to sign-up and there are zero maintenance fees if you use myPaysafe regularly. Check out all the benefits of having myPaysafe here.

    Our maintenance fees:

    myPaysafe holders benefit from an extended inactivity period. myPaysafe with no transactions for a period of 12 months are subject to a monthly 2 USD maintenance fee, starting from the 13th month of inactivity. To avoid this fee, simply sign in to your myPaysafe and perform a transaction, at least once every 12 months.

    paysafecard PIN customers without a myPaysafe are subject to a maintenance fee of $2 or equivalent in voucher currency if their PIN is not fully redeemed after the 24th month (730 days) after purchase. This fee will be charged monthly until the voucher balance is empty. 

    How can I avoid maintenance fees?

    If you want to avoid maintenance charges on your paysafecard PIN, but don`t want to redeem your paysafecard PIN just yet, we recommend registering for myPaysafe and topping it up with your PIN. This allows you to store all your PINs in a single balance and use higher limits amongst other benefits.

    There will be no maintenance fees if your PIN or myPaysafe balance is zero. To learn more, visit our fees and limits page.

  • If your paysafecard prepaid code is blocked during payment for security reasons, you will immediately receive an error message taking you to the online form "Application for unblocking". Please complete this form truthfully. This is the only way that the paysafecard Support Team can process your case further.

    If the page with the error message is no longer open or stored in your browser, use this link:

    Online form "Application for unblocking"

  • If you have won a paysafecard prepaid code, this is usually only redeemable in an online shop with whom the competition was jointly organised. paysafecard prepaid code prizes can only be redeemed during a specific period. You can find the validity date on the paysafecard prepaid code that you won or in the email in which you received the 16-digit code.

    In a few cases, there is a minimum sum with which you have to combine the 16-digit prize code. You can also find this information on the paysafecard prepaid code that you won or in the email in which you received the 16-digit code.

  • Use the Balance check in order to check the credit on your paysafecard prepaid code. If you have a paysafecard account (myPaysafe), your available credit plus a clear overview of your past transactions can be found after the login.

  • No. It is not possible to cancel a transaction. Please note: as soon as the transaction has been successfully carried out, it is no longer possible to refund the amount paid. If you need a refund, this should be agreed with the online shop.

  • As soon as you click on "Pay" in the payment window, the relevant transaction amount will be passed to the online shop in question. The transaction amount is available in the online shop in question within a few minutes.

    If, in exceptional circumstances, the online shop - for example due to technical problems - is unable to carry out the payment you requested, the transaction amount will be refunded. The amount will be available to you again within a few minutes.