Say hello to IBAN & Card and pay cash online

Be the first to try our new IBAN & Card feature.

Send and receive cash, and make contactless payments with your new debit Mastercard.

How it works

We’re so excited you’re trying our new feature. We appreciate your help and that’s why you’ll get the full IBAN & Card package for test purposes.

Follow these simple steps, so you can start using IBAN & Card as soon as possible.


  1. Register Simply register for a paysafecard account (if you don't have one yet).
  2. Verify Please don’t forget you will also need to verify your account for status Unlimited.
  3. Apply for IBAN & Card test Sign up below and we’ll let you know when your IBAN & Card is ready for activation.
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  • Please make sure to cover all steps as described below to help us test as best as possible:

    • Top-up: Load the remaining amount of your PIN to your IBAN & Card balance.
    • SEPA transfer (out): Send some funds to any other IBAN account (e. g. to friend or family).
    • SEPA transfer (in): Send some funds from your existing bank account to your new IBAN & Card.
    • Card payment (online): Pay with your debit Mastercard on any website.
    • Card payment (offline / POS): Buy something in a store with your debit Mastercard.
    • ATM withdrawal: Withdraw 10 Euros from an ATM.
    • Buy paysafecard in the store using the money you have just withdrawn.


    Please keep track of your expenses (e.g. all receipts and confirmations, please keep them at your disposal for possible audit purposes).

  • Please make sure you take enough time to test IBAN & Card functions. Whenever you feel ready, please fill out a questionnaire here. It will help us understand how our customers feel and ensure we provide you with the best possible experience. Thank you!

  • You can upgrade the status of your paysafecard account (myPaysafe) at any time by having your details verified on a one-time basis. This can be done in a few simple steps:

    Ensure that the details entered when you registered match the details on your valid photo ID (passport, ID card or driving licence). In the menu you find "My details", where you can check and change your details any time.

    Start the verification in the menu under "Limits & Status", by clicking on "Upgrade status". Decide in the first step which photo ID you would like to use for identification.
    The choice is:

    1. Passport
    2. ID card (or residence permit)
    3. Driving licence

    After you have uploaded a copy of your identification document, we also need a photo that clearly shows your face. Please take particular care that ...:

    • ... you do not upload the same photo that is shown on your ID document.
    • ... you do not upload a photograph of a picture.
    • ... your entire face is visible in good quality.
    • ... you are not wearing glasses or sunglasses.
    • ... you are alone, with no other people being visible in the picture.

    The identity verification only takes a few minutes.

    As soon as your details have been successfully verified, we will let you know by email that your status has been upgraded. Immediately after that, you will be able to benefit from all the advantages of paysafecard without limits.

    Congratulations. You now have Unlimited status, which means you can now activate your IBAN & Card feature.

  • You will need to share with us your account ID when signing up for IBAN & Card. Please follow the following steps:

    • Login to your paysafecard account (myPaysafe).
    • Click first on “Account” and then choose “Settings” in the menu.
    • Scroll down to see your account ID. You can easily copy it.

We hope you enjoy our new feature as much as we do and that you’ll keep using IBAN & Card in the future.