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5 gambling blogs that you should follow

Tips and tricks, the best strategies and new knowledge: Blogs are a great way to raise your game to the next level. We will show you 5 gambling blogs that you should absolutely follow if you want to learn something new and improve your game. is a platform that offers excellent expert information about eSports and sports bets, right up to casino games and crypto gambling.

You will also find lots of content about poker, blackjack, horse racing, bingo and even online slot machines. In comparison to others, the user interface is very modern and minimalistic, which simplifies navigation. The best part: There are no annoying popup ads that overload the page – so you can find what you are looking for much more easily.

The operators of the blog will impress you with exciting content, something they clearly have a passion for. Even dry details are quickly transformed into entertaining reading. also presents instructions for gambling with practical illustrations that are definitely worth checking out. They manage to present difficult concepts in an understandable way using simple infographics.


Green All Over

Anything but a normal sports betting blog, but easily one of the most informative. The blog reports in detail on sports bets and primarily deals with statistics. Green All Over is updated several times per week and the dry humour of the author, Cassini, makes this blog quite entertaining, as well as informative.


Cassini has an outstanding understanding of sports bets, a passion for numbers and he knows virtually everything about his specialist field. But don't be fooled by the "old fashioned" design of the site – the blog has already existed for a long time, but that's exactly why you'll be able to find a wealth of exciting information and details there about sport bets, right up to the current day.


Daniel Negreanu blog

The Canadian, Daniel Negreanu, is one of the most famous and best poker players in the world. His successes have rewarded him with more than 42 million dollars.

Daniel started his blog back in 2004 and gathered a lot of information over the years about his experiences, events and innovations in the world of poker. A thoroughly interesting and entertaining blog, which Daniel updates on a regular basis, despite his full diary. His blog posts deal with the latest players in the poker scene, as well as assessments of who he sees at the top of the professional poker scene in the next few years, among other things. On Daniel's blog, you'll get a realistic impression of what it's like to be a professional poker player and earn money doing it.

Bettingexpert is the biggest social network for sport bets. Here you'll find all the people who really understand sport bets and share their tips with like-minded individuals. The platform offers lots of useful content, in order to improve betting strategies and become more successful.

You can find betting instructions for many types of sports, articles based on statistics for upcoming matches and even a betting academy, where you can learn everything from the basics of betting to setting up a strong portfolio. You'll never be bored on this blog.