5 poker mistakes you need to know

1. Playing when you’re tired

For playing poker you will need a rested and focused brain. Poker is a game that requires a person to stay on alert at all times, to react fast, and to make bold decisions. So if you had a bad day or don’t feel well, it’s better for you—and also for your wallet—to skip your next poker session. Even if your concentration drops during a game, you can always take a break or end the session earlier.

Remember: In the end, playing poker while you’re tired will probably harm you more than do good for you. If you value your money (which we’re sure you do), then only play poker when you’re fit and well rested.


2. Acting as a lone wolf

A lot of poker players know the feeling: friends and family don’t understand them and they don’t have anyone to share their poker strategies or discuss challenges with. Not ideal, because a second set of eyes or opinion never hurts. It doesn’t help you to be a lone wolf in the poker game.

Just like at work, in business or in sports, poker players will also benefit from working in a team. Your poker mates will keep you accountable, they can motivate you to get better, and can provide support when needed. Find your poker pack and you’ll see that a lot of things will be easier and more fun!


3. Ignoring the maths

One component of playing poker is, you guessed it, the element of luck. But let’s be honest, luck is not the main factor for being successful at playing poker. The game is mostly about skills and, especially, about a solid understanding of the basics of maths.

If you solely focus on your luck and reading the opponent’s face, you’ll probably never become a successful and competent poker player. So let’s do some work and invest some time in your maths skills. It will be worth it.


4. Focusing on losses

There’s only one thing that makes losses while playing poker even worse: focusing too much on them. Nothing will change if you complain over lost money or bad decisions in the past.

With the right mindset, however, you will be able to learn from your mistakes and become a better poker player in the long run. Always focus on the big picture and concentrate on making the right decisions in the future.

Losing is and always will be part of the poker game. If you can’t accept that, it will never be fun and easy for you. So you better learn how to handle losses and make the most of them, if you want to continue your poker journey.


5. Playing with money you don’t have

Do you know what really differentiates gamblers from professional poker players? Managing their finances! The wrong bankroll management is one of the main reasons—or probably THE main reason—why a lot of players lose a lot of money.

It is not only essential to learn how to manage your bankroll for long-term success, but it also teaches you self-control and discipline, which are very important when it comes to playing poker. Make sure to play within your limits and also do not be afraid to cut back if necessary—it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Did you find yourself “guilty” of some of these mistakes? Don’t worry, it happens. We hope you can learn from your mistakes, make better decisions in the future, and get better every day—because that’s all that matters in the end!

Everyone who tried poker once knows that mental toughness and sharpness are needed to succeed in this game. We collected 5 poker mistakes that you should try to avoid when playing your next poker session. No matter which type of poker player you are—small stakes, mid stakes or high stakes—we believe you might recognize some of the following mistakes.